About Us

Texas has been a leader in building businesses for generations.  It has created wealth and jobs for Texas families in oil & gas, ranching, agriculture and real estate – industries that have become proud symbols of this great state.
But other industries represent a growing share of the state’s wealth for the next generation.  Great opportunity lies with what comes next for Texas – Texas Next.
The Texas economy is the 14th largest in the world and its exports exceed all other states.  Job and economic growth in Texas have outperformed the rest of the country for the last two decades.
Texas companies represent one of the state’s greatest resources – the engines that will create the next generation of Texas wealth and jobs.  In the last decade, more private equity has been invested in Texas companies than in any other state.   More than 80% of this capital has been provided by investors outside of Texas.  When this happens, the profits and destiny of these businesses are controlled by interests outside the state.
Texas Next is a private equity partnership of like-minded leaders and investors dedicated to building the next generation of Texas companies.
Texas Next brings together decades of Texas business influence, know-how and values from our partners and advisors to help portfolio companies succeed in Texas and the global economy.