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Texas Capital

Building Texas Companies

Texas Next Capital provides Texas business owners with the capital and advice they need to grow and secure their financial future.

Our Story

elevating businesses in the dynamic texas economy

When the Texas Next founders began investing together in 2009, they wanted to do something different for business owners and investors. They soon formed Texas Next Capital with a few simple ideas – invest in Texas, focus on smaller companies, and engage Texas leaders and family offices with a network of resources able to help Texas companies.

We are Texas capital building Texas companies.

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Our Approach

A Personalized Touch to Investing in Texas Companies

Texas Next delivers value to talented, hard-working Texas business owners by furthering the culture and legacy they have created and grown.

We bring a sensibility that supports the goals of business owners, and their impact on business growth, employees, and the local community.

Our Approach
Our Team

Advice That Helps Your Business Thrive

Texas Next Capital helps Texas business owners connect with the local capital and advice they need to catch the Texas tailwinds of population and economic growth. Texas Next investment professionals and our team of experienced investors and advisors bring together decades of business relationships and practical know-how to rapidly drive your business forward.

Texas Next has grown into a private equity partnership of like-minded leaders, family offices, and other investors across Texas dedicated to building strong companies.

We are Texas capital building Texas companies.

Meet Our Team

The Texas Next Touch

After more than thirty years as a family-owned business, the entire Fresh Texas team is energized to have an investment partnership that values people and prioritizes strategic growth. Texas Next Capital is committed to supporting a culture that puts employees first and values quality and creativity. Our relationship goes beyond a simple capital provider, they are a true partner with Fresh Texas.

Judy Clark, Chief Executive OfficerFresh Texas
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